Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quite an accomplishment

So, Keaton is our little tough guy.  Rough and tumble, plays football, rarely cries about being hurt, TOUGH!  That is, until it comes to eye drops and teeth! He had pink eye... once... a few years ago... hopefully NEVER again!  It took two of us to hold him down and put drops in!  Well, he is about the same way with teeth!  Frankly, I can understand.  Loose teeth give me the heebie-jeebies! Yes, we are talking sick to my stomach, fingernails on a chalk board, great form of torture... you get the point!
For the last week Keaton has had a REALLY loose tooth, he could hardly eat with it in.  It really needed to come out but he wouldn't let Daddy near his mouth!  We threatened him last night that if he didn't have it pulled out himself by tomorrow that we were going to let Tiana pull it!  She was quite excited and kept telling him, "Don't worry Keaton, I will just TWIST it right out!"  It really was very funny and Keaton was horrified (I am sure I would have been scared too!)!  He really worked at wiggling it today but if course it still wasn't out.  Tonight Keaton decided that I... MOM... could pull his teeth.  I am sure that he figured it was a perfect way to get out of having to do anything with it today!  Well guess what buster... this Mommy is stubborn!  That being said, I wasn't sure that it was going to happen either.
I grabbed a Kleenex... so I wouldn't have to touch the goofy thing of course... and closed my eyes, held him at arms length, grimaced and yanked!  There was lots of screaming involved..... maybe not all from Keaton!  Daddy thought the entire ordeal was hilarious!  I opened my eyes to see the HORRIFIED look on Keaton's face, which WAS pretty funny!  Keaton maintains that he was screaming because I had my eyes closed... I maintain that the screaming started BEFORE I closed my eyes!  Whew we are another tooth down!  I am quite proud of myself for actually doing it... and proud of Keaton for "letting" me!  Keaton thought it was great that we were able to call Nana and tell her what Mommy did!!
Just for the record... it was disgusting... it POPPED as it came out... (shudder). Here's to hoping the tooth fairy will visit ME tonight! ;)


Twila said...

Too funny!!!!