Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dinner and Sunset

 We ate dinner on the beach, at sunset and had probably the best fresh seafood that we have ever had!!
Our table was the far left one closest to the water.

This is a river that flows into the ocean creating a great surf spot.

I love designs in the sand of the dunes.

Jumbo shrimp on rice and veggies!

YUM, lobster with veggies and rice!

Pangas... a favorite restaurant so far!  We finished off the evening with a walk in the dark along the beach by the light of our cell phone flashlight... I almost stepped on a crab which was just a tad terrifying! We then got homemade ice cream, coconut (with chunks of coconut bits in it) and almond!  Delicious!
We also found out that our little hotel has a resident monkey!!  NOW we must look for him tomorrow!