Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meet Fred

Fred is the resident monkey, he comes around every day around 5:30 in the morning and 5:30 at night!  We were told that here it isn't "fighting like cats and dogs" but "fighting like dogs and monkeys".  The dogs and cats get along great, we have seen them sleeping together.  Monkeys however they do NOT like. The safety of the monkey depends upon it not being on the ground.  The owners here have left a papaya tree just for Fred!  This monkey is hilarious, not afraid of people at all and in fact he puts on a little show.  He is quite dramatic!  We have a couple videos but they are being VERY slow to upload.
This is the roof of the owners house that is right on the other side of a vine wall barrier outside our door.  Above us is an outdoor living space for hanging out and that puts us at a very good viewpoint.  The roof is only about 10 feet from where we were standing and then he jumped over to where we were about 5 feet away.  Next time we are coming armed with a banana because I guess he loves to get fed up there.

Taunting the dog down below!

He then jumped to the papaya tree, the rail in this photo is right in front of us and only about 5 feet away is the tree!

SOOOO fun!