Monday, August 30, 2010

Going to the Fair

We spent Saturday baking bread and making cookies. Camden was on the counter helping me out when he discovered the fruit bowl. He grabbed a nectarine and helped himself! He was very surprised to take a bite and discover it to be something that was yummy! He polished off the entire thing, with a grin and a "mmmm, yum".

Sunday evening after LONG naps we headed over to the fair. The kids loved the legos section!

And of course the animals! Tiana really enjoyed it this year and pet almost all of the animals! This little calf didn't look near as scary as the big huge cows!
Keaton has a way with animals, he always has. They will always let him pet them and love on them! Such a special little boy!
Tiana loving them from a distance!
Camden did great as long as we didn't get the stroller to close to the cages!
I helped him out of the stroller to see the little goats.
The entire time he was squealing.... not exactly happy squeals!

The both loved brushing this huge cow in the petting zoo.

We stopped by the Blue and Orange booth and had to get a photo of our little Bronco boy in this hat!