Friday, August 13, 2010


We got stopped for road construction on the way to Anthony Lake. We all got out of the car for a bit and the kids were a bit goofy! Getting a head start on playing in the dirt.
We got camp all set up and the next morning they were very excited to get to wake up and get dirty!

After nap time bed head!

My grandparents met us up there for an afternoon of fishing! Tiana's purple princess pole proved successful once again!

Keaton spent most of the time in the boat with Poppy and Grammy but he got a ride back in with us in the kayak for nap time! Trying to get a photo of the crew with tired kids is not a great idea!

Love these next few..... absent mindedly put hand in mouth....

Ewww that was gross!

Note to self, don't eat dirt!

Keaton, Daddy and Poppy went back out to fish while we held down camp. Grammy and Tiana had fun feeding some chipmunks!

Stare down.

Trying VERY hard to sit still but it was a little scary.

So exciting that they finally found the bits of food.

They had a blast putting dirt and chairs in the chairs!

Taking full advantage of mom letting them get dirty!

Camden and Tiana made sure that they were fully covered in dirt. Camden even took handfuls and rubbed it in his hair... just to make sure!


The next day Grandma and Grandpa came up and joined us for the rest of the weekend. We took a short hike (1 mile up to a lake).

Camden enjoying the ride.

Crossing a bridge.

Tiana made it most of the way up and Keaton RAN the entire way!

The girls. Tiana was needing a break from hiking so we were picking flowers to put in her hair.

The crew. At this point we noticed that Keaton's face was getting more and more swollen by the minute! His forehead above his left eye was VERY big. Gave us all quite the scare.... needless to say we were one mile from camp so there was nothing we could do. He was acting fine so on we went back down.

Camden fell asleep during the last 5 minutes of the hike!

I was EXTREMELY worried about Keaton, he looked so bad. He kept coming up to me, giving me a hug and saying "I love you Mommy" and "Don't worry Mommy, it will be ok, I'm fine". Poor kid knew something was up. We found him on this rock all by himself. Breaks my heart still to think about this day!
This photo doesn't make it look NEAR as bad as it did, but you can tell it is swollen between his eyes and then down the right temple. During dinner I could see it spreading and right then and there deciding he was going to the ER. Daddy and Keaton took off and I stayed with the other kids knowing that a couple miles down the road I had cell service so I could call and check up on them. Turns out he had facial cellulitis or an infection from a bug bite. My doctor told me later that it could have easily been Staph infection so it was a VERY good thing we took him in. He was a trooper, they even did x-rays of his face (since when they asked if he fell he said yes.... he didn't but when you ask a 3 year old if they fell they respond to not just today but last week and yes he had fallen at some point!!!). During the x-rays he didn't even move. He got spoiled by the ER, they gave him a stuffed elephant and stickers, and he got to watch tv in his room so he was happy! They ended up giving him a shot of prednisone and antibiotics. He was such a trooper. This kid has gone through quite a bit in his 3 years and it amazes me each time how grown up he is. Keaton amazes me. We were a bit worried that something like this can cause Bells Palsy again but so far so good!

The funny thing was Keaton hardly had any bug bites and Tiana on the other hand had so many it looked like she had chicken pox! Camden didn't have one bite... they don't like him!

Cuddle time with Grandpa!
The next day we left after lunch. I don't have any photos from that day because Keaton finally started acting like he looked! The day we took him in he ran an entire 2 mile hike, didn't act like he was hurt at all. But by the next day he hurt all over and kept saying "everything is bothering me". His head hurt and itched so he had to be held and cuddled all day. Needless to say Daddy took down camp while I held kids!
We had a wonderful time though over all. The kids loved it but were ready to come home, 4 nights was plenty! We came home and started swimming lessons the next day and then Tiana decided to start potty training! So, we have had a very busy couple weeks!
Camden learned a few new words, "hot" because of the campfire, he now says "out", "ease" while signing please, as well as repeating random things that we say! Tiana's favorite sayings are "ooooh maaaan" (gets that one from me) "dats bedda" (that's better). They have also gotten to the point that all of the sudden potty talk is hilarious! Keaton thinks the song about little rabbit fu-fu is little rabbit "poo-poo" which he thinks is the funniest thing. He also knows that he can't say things like that unless we are in the bathroom so he thinks it is a naughty song!


AmyB said...

So sorry about Keaton's owie! We had a similar experience with Damion this past week. 20-30 mosquito bites that got huge and really red. He was having an allergic reaction, so we took him to urgent care. He's fine now, but there's nothing that makes me more sick than worrying about my children when something is wrong!!