Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The night before last all the boys got hair cuts. Camden let me use the clippers on the sides... give the boy a sucker and he is good to go! However, it does make for one sticky hairy mess afterward!
Last night we went to the rodeo! The kids LOVED IT! Camden had a look of complete awe the entire time with a few squeals thrown in, Tiana danced, clapped, and screamed the entire time, and Keaton didn't miss a thing. He had to know why they did certain things and what everything was for! They all loved every moment of it!
Tiana signing horse!

Camden's first rodeo! Last year we went to the Stampede a few days before he was born!

And hows that for posting promptly! I finally feel a bit caught up around here after quite a few crazy weeks! (as if any week around here isn't a little crazy ;) but add swimming lessons, 10 year class reunion, lots of photo shoots, potty training, birthdays, and camping and WOW) I still have work to catch up on but that is an on going thing. The problem with working at home is you never leave work. Oh well, photography happens to be the perfect job! Tiana is doing WONDERFUL on the potty training. We are on day six with no accidents!!!! Also her eye as you could probably tell by the photos, is all better!! Also, in two weeks Keaton starts preschool!!!! He is SO excited, and this Mommy is too actually! He will love it SO much!