Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's a Zoo!

Last week we decided to head to the zoo after Keaton's preschool orientation for out first and last visit of the summer! We will be going to the Portland Zoo in a week and a half but had to take advantage of good weather and half price day! The kids loved it. Camden even liked it since all the animals are in cages!
My timid little girl who is so shy with PEOPLE will walk right up to the snake with no hesitation! Yuck! This mommy doesn't quite get it!
Climbing on the animals.
Our littlest boy is quite timid also. These animals were too close to being real for him.... SCARY!

Kason joined up with us for lunch and then the other half of the zoo.
My little turtles!

They were washing out the penguin area so the water was drained. It was funny to see them walking around everywhere.