Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Skirt

Last weekend our computer got a nasty computer virus. It all got fixed fine but in the mean time I had an entire weekend that I couldn't work. Needless to say I got some sewing time in which felt SO good. I have had this skirt cut out for months now but finally got it put together. This one is my own creation, I liked the way one of her skirts fit so I just made it up as I went using her measurements as well as the general idea from the other skirt. Now I wish that I made up a pattern for this one because I love it. I will be using this same idea for lots more skirts. It has a flat front which lends a dressy feel with some elastic in the back... not a lot though. With this fabric I knew that it couldn't be gathered much at all and still look good. It is also fully lined.

As a side note here is Keaton with a "monster" carrot from our little garden!