Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I used to go to college and work with a girl who's parents had a pool and they taught swimming lessons every summer. When it came time to put the kids in I got a hold of her and found out that they were still doing that. They were WONDERFUL, we will continue to do their lessons through them, they did great with the kids! We didn't really think that Tiana would have the courage to get in but I knew our only hope was to have Keaton and Tiana in the same class. They were willing to give it a try even though Tiana is only two. They usually recommend waiting until age three. We tried bribery and it worked! Here they are enjoying an ice cream sunday after their first swimming lesson! The first few days were a little rough with Tiana but as long as I was within about 5 feet of the pool she did good. Keaton on the other hand is a FISH! We have always known this but it was amazing to see. Within the first day he figured out how to hold his breath.

Keaton spent 90% of his time during swimming lessons UNDER the water!
The had an assistant with the class that would play motor boat with them and other little games while the teacher worked with each kid one on one!

Coming up from going under water. The teacher figured out that you can't tell Tiana to blow bubbles because as soon as her nose hit the water she breathed in. But if you told her to put her eyes in, under she went! She even got pretty good at not choking on the water!
In order to kick her feet she felt like she had to watch them!

Keaton learned how to float on his back all by himself!
Their little class. Tiana always bee-bopped around on the very end of the step making the teachers very nervous!

LOVE this one! She was supposed to go under... her mouth is under but she kept her eyes and nose just BARELY above water!
There are a few more photos from their last day that I will get uploaded soon!