Monday, August 16, 2010

Last day of Swimming

Here are a few photos from our last day of swimming lessons. They were so worn out. Can't believe how much they slept during the two weeks of swimming! Keaton passed with flying colors. In fact the teacher was amazed that he was only 3 still. He can swim 10-15 feet all by himself. He has amazing breath control, he can hold his breath for a REALLY long time. When he needs air he can lift up really fast and go back under.... this needs a little perfecting but he is getting the hang of it. Tiana did wonderful too. She will be able to pass very easily next time. I never expected her to do as well as she did. It was such good practice for her to have to do something with out Mommy right there with her.
My little goggle boy, he loves being able to see under the water!
My brave little cutie.
And my little monkey! By watching the older two take swimming lessons he is now going under water and blowing bubbles in the bathtub! He is a little fish and will do awesome when he is old enough for swimming lessons.
Tiana going ALL the way under!!!
Swimming all by himself!
Tiana distracted as always!
Camden wanted to try goggles too... has to be just like his big brother ya know!
Jumping off the side.
And then off the diving board... no hesitation, he has been waiting since the first day to do this!
Tiana even got up the courage to do it... she had to have her Daddy walk her down though!

Afterward she wanted to go again so she liked it!