Monday, August 16, 2010

Poor little girl

We woke up Sunday morning to this.....
Happy girl with an eye swollen shut! We gave her benadryl and went about our day. After nap it was no better and in fact it was a little worse so we took her into quick care. She has the same thing Keaton had while camping!!! Poor girl... she was happy but it sure didn't look good! She is on prednisone, benadryl, and antibiotics! It looks better today, the swelling is down enough she can see out of that eye but she is left with some swelling and a SERIOUS black eye! All from a little bug bite. I never have liked mosquitoes but my oh my now I REALLY dislike them!

Playing with her new barbie..... she got it for having no potty accidents for 3 straight days!!!! She has been doing WONDERFUL!


Rachel said...

she's adorable even with one eye shut! :)