Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camden's Birthday

Tiana's first french braids!!
This butterfly occupied about an hour of our time one afternoon!
Camden's actual birthday was a rather low key day. I had some scrap cake left over from baking his cakes for his party so we stuck a candle in one and sang to him!
He enjoyed scarfing it down!

He then opened his presents from us. He was very excited because Keaton and Tiana were very excited!
His very own football!

Hedgehogs was the theme and I LOVE the way they turned out! My mom found a tip that made hair and it was SO much fun to use!

His personal cake!
And then I got carried away and made all the cupcakes little hedgehogs also!

Our ONE year old with his cakes!

He does NOT have a fear of candles like Tiana did!

Not quite sure how to eat it!

Meanwhile, Keaton's crazy uncles were pushing him down the slip and slide! He loved it and has finally figured out how to go down the right way!

He started sucking the frosting off the cake!

Tiana stealing some!

Saying "aaaahhhh" and feeding Tiana.
And were done here!
Birthday banner made by printing the hedgehogs out on 4x6 photos then cutting them out.
Camden had his one year appt and he showed off to the doctor. We were in the room and he was saying "aadus, aadus, a, a, dow" over and over again so I knew he was trying to say something. I finally asked him what he was trying to tell me and he started turning around in a circle repeating it. It clicked, he wanted to play ring around the rosie "ashes, ashes, all fall down!". Needless to say he has really started trying to talk!
He was 31 inches long which is 86% and barely 21 lbs which is 24%.
He had a blast at his birthday party, loved opening presents and eating cake! Can't believe he is already one!


Rachel said...

that cake is SO cute!!! I suppose he'll be wanting a hedgehog someday while the other kids want dogs and cats! They're actually really cool pets!