Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Camden!

It doesn't seem like you have changed much in looks over this past year, just gained some teeth, got a bit bigger and got longer hair! You still have the same sweet personality but you have added a bit of a temper to it lately! You got to lick the spoon from baking for the first time today because your siblings weren't here to claim it first and you loved it but screamed for quite a while when it was gone! You don't know what to do with yourself when your big sister and brother aren't around. Apparently you enjoy being picked on! You are still quite a little cuddle bug and love being held and carried around. You say "hi" "bye-bye" "dow" (down) "ba" (ball) as well as the basic mama dada nana uh-oh etc. You know what a dog says and a bear too. You can sign lots of different things but have to be in the mood to cooperate. You always sign please but can also sign all done, more, thank you, hat, excuse me, dog, sleepy as well as wave hi/byebye and blow kisses. You love to play peekaboo and will often play with me while I am changing you. Today you started making "bbbrrrrrm brrm" noises while pushing around little cars. Your favorite toy is usually a ball with cars being a VERY close second. You are a pretty good eater when we are at home but not so much when we are gone. You sleep great though which is always nice. You still take about 5 hours in naps a day plus sleep from about 8 or 9 at night to 9 in the morning. I have to wake you up in the morning and from your morning nap every day and most days I have to wake you up from your afternoon nap also. You enjoy your sleep. You are very attached to your blanket from Grammy and have recently become attached to a little blue and brown bunny. You are always on the go running around after your big brother and sister or dancing to music. You have discovered that it is really fun to squeal really loud while running after them, making the noise level in this house that much higher! You got your first flu bug this past weekend but you were a trooper. You just wanted to be cuddled really close which this mommy soaked up. We all love you SO very much. When you are away from your siblings you miss them so much and they miss you. You guys can hardly stand to be away from each other as long as naps hardly. As soon as one of you is awake you want the others awake. I love how much you love each other. This past year has been very busy, noisy, and rather crazy but we have loved it. You didn't even wait until your candle was out and we were done singing to you tonight to dig into your little piece of cake. We can't wait to see you dig in at your party this weekend! Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you!