Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wordy Update

No photos this time just a little update:
Keaton learned how to buckle himself into his car seat today. He has been able to buckle the top portion for quite some time now but today he finally tried to do it all and discovered that he can. This is what I heard:
"Awesome. That is SOOOOO awesome. I buckled it all up here and here all by my own self. AAAAAAAwe-SOME! I get my clothes on, I get my shoes on, I get my socks on, I get my jacket on AND I buckle up all by my own self. I probably get a treat for that!"
I called and told Daddy our awesome news. After I got off the phone he said:
"I am awesome. I am a BIG Big Big boy." (pause) "I am OOoooold!"
At this point Tiana starts cheering "Yay Keaton, Good Job Keaton" clapping and dancing as much as her car seat would let her.
Camden, who can lean forward and see Tiana, happens to think that this is the funniest thing that he has seen ALL day!
On a completely different note, Camden went from being on all fours to a sitting position a couple times today!!!


AmyB said...

Good job, Keaton! Now that Damion buckles himself in, I'm just hoping he won't figure out how to unbuckle it!

Cassandra said...

It's so amazing to watch them grow and discover new things! I love his little dialogue...so very cute!