Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sharing Means.....

Well right now in this household, sharing is not quite so easily defined. Sharing is all about pecking order! To Keaton sharing means persuading Tiana to give him whatever he wants. To Tiana it means taking what Camden has (he is sharing with her). To Camden, well, it means using whatever he is given that nobody else wants.... which is perfectly fine by him still.
Yesterday the kids were playing in the backyard and I was watching from the window. Keaton was sharing his baseball knowledge with Tiana. Daddy had just taught him how to stand when batting so he chased Tiana all around the yard trying to give her the bat. This in and of itself caught my eye since it just doesn't look good when Keaton is yelling "Hey Hey" while holding a bat out and chasing his sister! Pretty soon though she stopped and took the bat from him (after realizing that he wasn't playing a game of chase and he wasn't going to hit her with it). Keaton then proceeds in trying to show her the correct baseball stance! He bends over and spreads her legs apart, tells her to bend her knees..... all very seriously mind you..... all the while Tiana is bopping him on the head with the bat with a huge grin on her face! Don't need to know a specific stance to just annoy your brother. She then drops the bat and off she goes! Keaton throws up his hands and decides to wait until his brother gets bigger!
Sharing is definitely a work in progress in this house.... however, when it comes to germs.... we have that sharing down PERFECT! Lots of kisses makes sharing germs very easy!