Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend in New Meadows

We headed up to the mountains this last weekend with Jeff and Anna and their adorable kids. The kids had a blast..... there was LOTS of running around crazy with the noise level extremely high. Luckily they were having so much fun that we could just talk around and over the noise..... and really enjoy after they all went to bed!! We got some game playing in and we came home with kids who are STILL exhausted. Auntie Kyla and Uncle Mark came down too and we helped them get a kid fix!
We all went and got the kids in their pj's and what do you know. Lily and Tiana came out wearing the same pair!
All the kids... well minus Camden who enjoyed the comfort and safety of being held! He wanted to be in the middle of everything which wasn't exactly the smartest place to be with four pairs of running feet.
Camden entertained Auntie Kyla and Uncle Mark instead... and ate one of their cards while they weren't looking!
Saturday we bundled them up and headed outside. It was a beautiful day for some sledding.
After Camden woke up from his nap he joined in on the fun.
Tiana LOVED sledding and just couldn't get enough.... while Keaton on the other hand took one run with Uncle Mark and decided he would have NO more of it. He even WALKED all the way back down the hill when we were done to avoid having to get into a sled again!
Mommy and Camden.

Camden was not real impressed with sledding. He was fine but could really have cared less that we just went down a hill.
He got a nice ride on the way back up though.
Us with the only kid that is still cooperative when it comes to photos..... only because he is too little to insist that he really doesn't want to stop playing for a goofy photo.
The entire Gang.
Camden LOVES standing up a the toy box. He can't get up there himself yet but he sure likes it when I help him up.
Tiana's new little expression, "Uh-oh skettie oh". She has also been little Miss Manners. Everything is, please, thank-you, excuse me and sorry. It is VERY cute. She also just loves helping out in the kitchen. They kids know that they are supposed to clear their spots after each meal. Tiana had to clear EVERY ONE'S spot last night. She would stand there waiting for us to take the last bite then.... poof.... our plates were gone! As soon as Keaton was done she muttered something about his face. She grabbed her napkin, hopped out of her chair, ran around and wiped off his face and took off his bib! We all got a good laugh out of this. Keaton just said, "She is so cute". This morning I was on the phone with Daddy when I turned around and she was trying to clear my cereal bowl. Problem was, I had barely started eating... so off the phone I went and I was told to "finish your food". Such a good little Mommy we have.
Keaton came up to us last night and said that he had just "lost his marbles" not sure where he heard that. Then he decided that he really didn't know what marbles were so that marshmallows sounded better. So at some point last night he told us that we had each "lost our marshmallows". Not sure where he got it, but in his wallet is a $1 bill. He had taken his wallet everywhere with him and tonight he kept telling us "I am RICH, Rich Rich RICH, SO rich". Glad he is still young enough to think that!


MSue and BMcD said...

Your kiddos are so cute and I love it when you share their precious little sayings, kids DO say the darndest things!