Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soaking up the sun

Camden has been finding all sorts of new places to play/get stuck! He has no reverse yet to he often will scoot himself between two objects so that he gets stuck! This however was just a challenge to get into and then fun to play in! Camden started crawling today.... for a while at least.... army crawl is still WAY faster. I am sure over the course of the next few days he will discover that crawling really is easier to do all of the time.
Today was beautiful so we spent lots of time outside. Camden even joined us.... MUCH better than looking out from the window. He loved it. He crawled and rolled around squealing with delight. The grass didn't bother him at all, he was just happy to be where his older brother and sister were.

I just got Keaton this mitt, which he loves, but today he found that it makes a great hat!

Taking orders. I ordered everything I can think of and the only thing that he didn't have was zucchini (one of the only things he doesn't care for).

Deciding that he needed a hat in order to work the drive-up window.

Everything with wheels right now is a "choo-choo" to Tiana.... if it is more than one car/truck/train/etc it is a "choo choo wain".
Keaton's favorite saying, "well, not exactly".
Mommy: Did you finish your milk?
Keaton: "well, not exactly"
Mommy: Did you raise your hand for any children's questions?
Keaton: "well, not exactly"
You get the picture. In other words, a nice way of saying No!