Friday, February 12, 2010

Camden's TEETH

Yes, plural! He was giving me his great-big-huge-light-up-his-whole-face grin this morning when I thought.... hmmm that looks like he has TWO teeth! Sure enough! The other bottom one is through!
I was making breakfast this morning when I realized that Keaton was taking a LONG time in the bathroom (rarely a good thing). I hollered at him to come out and he replied "umm, well, I think I locked myself in the bathroom". Good thing Daddy found the key last week. He informed me that he was "very surprised when the door was locked".
Tiana, all girl that she is, gets VERY excited to wear her utterbye (butterfly) pj's. And we often hear "uuuuuggg, heaby" when she thinks something is too heavy for her to carry!