Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monkey Bizness

Last Friday we met Anna with Jace and Lily, Krystal with Kason, Shanna with Remington and Grandma at Monkey Bizness (an indoor play place in Boise). Anna and I often meet there with the kids to have them run some energy off. The kids get along WONDERFUL and have a blast. This time I remembered my camera.
Camden hanging out watching everything going on around him.

Keaton had the courage to go down the BIG slide all by himself. It was so cute because he went down with a FORCED smile on his face. He is still talking about it even though he old went down twice.
Then surprise surprise, my daughter, you know, the timid one, the one that if someone looks at her wrong she falls apart.... the one who says everything is SCARY..... well she loved this slide too. I took her down a few times with me but she wanted to go by herself!
Tiana, very unlike Keaton, had a look of PURE TERROR on her face the entire way down. However it didn't stop her from wanting to go down again.... and again.... until we just told her she had to be done.
Cute girls. They just love playing together.
I have been busy on the sewing machine lately. I know that my sewing time will be limited as soon as my photography gets busy again this spring, so I am taking full advantage of this slow time. My goal is to use up some of the fabric that I have leftover from other projects. So you will be seeing some familiar pieces. Love these two outfits.

Of course, I must have spring fever because all of my projects are for outfits for this summer.


KatieB said...

Monkey Bizness looks fun. I've been meaning to take Emma. She's it too old for her, do you think?

I'm in the mood to sew, too! Just gotta get it all unpacked. Great job on the skirts! Is that a pattern or is it the Lazy Day skirt? Love the colors!