Thursday, February 25, 2010


I thought for sure we were done with snow around here but I was wrong. We woke up yesterday to some more snow, much the kids' delight! As soon as Camden went down for his morning nap, we got bundled up and went outside to enjoy the VERY wet snow.
They ate all the snow that they could in the hour and a half that they were outside.
They came in dripping wet from head to toe and freezing cold. They got to enjoy a bath before lunch and then they took GREAT naps!
This morning Tiana found this mask and had to wear it around the house most of the morning.
Camden's new favorite little saying is "da-da-da". He started this last weekend and it is just about all we hear. That with an occasional "ba-ba" and whining "maa-maa-ma" when he wants me.


CUB & DEB said...

Missing my kids!!!! Tell Camden....nothing new until Nana gets home!!!

amydee said...

I think I know what else Camden likes...sweet potatoes or carrots maybe? His little nose gave it away :)