Friday, February 5, 2010

Today we made.....

Today we made an amazingly HUGE mess!!!! Oh yeah, and cookies! Keaton was as per normal my big helper, counting everything that went in, getting the eggs (even cracking one before I could stop him) and dumping everything in. We added the flour and he ever so helpfully turned it on....... without the lid! Needless to say flour was EVERYWHERE. Good thing we both got a big laugh out of it. He did wait until I started laughing though before he let out his giggles!
After we cleaned it all up (it was EVERYWHERE) Tiana woke up and came out to join us. There was some crushed candy in a bowl on the counter. She was trying to see what was in the bowl.... candy (powder) everywhere. She was quite worried until she realized that she was covered in little pieces of candy cane. Then it was all good, with her tongue out licking off her hands, shirt etc! All in all we made huge messes, had huge laughs, and then enjoyed cookies before bed!