Monday, February 1, 2010


The kids all take a bath together and boy oh boy do they have fun. Often water is all over the bathroom.... which we have TRIED and TRIED to prevent... but for a half hour to 45 minutes every night they all have a blast!

It is quite hard to get a photo of Camden since he is quite intent on getting his fair share of water splashed everywhere.

So how cute would it be to redo the kids' bathroom in all black and white with some photos like this!?!?


Cassandra said...

So perfect! These photos would be awesome on the wall!

amydee said...

Very cute! Looks like lots of fun. A black and white bathroom would be so cute. Our tub has a clear shower curtain and when the boys got to splashing too much, we'd just shut the curtain, but we could still see them and they could splash all they wanted.

AmyB said...

Cute bathtime photos! My friend Joy just posted about the very same idea not long ago. Maybe you've seen her blog? B&W would be neat!

Photo Mommy said...

AmyB.... I remember seeing some black and white bath photos quite a while ago and thinking that was a good idea.... not sure where I saw it.
Amydee... we may have to try clear... however the shower curtain in general scares Tiana to death. Even if it is open but casting a shadow she freaks out!! When she grows out of this scary phase that will be a GREAT idea!