Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Growing Boy

Camden's 6 month appointment today and we found out that he is perfectly normal in fact he is quite advanced for his age! No surprise there, we think he is quite perfect! He is 17 pounds even which is 38% and 26.5 inches which is 78% so right about the same percentile wise as last time. I am taking his 6 month photos on Friday so stay tuned. He is not only rolling everywhere now but he has also figured out how to scoot forward. He loves to be on the move and tries to keep up with his older brother and sister!
Just another Keaton-ism:
While sitting on Daddy's lap this last weekend he exclaimed: "PU what stinks......... oh yeah that's probably me!"
And from Tiana:
During Camden's shots she rubbed his head and said "et oskay" (It's OK) "Luv oo Canden" and gave him kisses. Then exclaimed "EWWW slobber" when she discovered that his hair was wet from her slobber after her kisses. She must hear that a lot after she gives us kisses!