Friday, January 22, 2010

Pismo Beach

We headed down to Pismo Beach for a couple days in a motel, or meltel as Keaton calls it.
It was cloudy and cool the day on the beach but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy ourselves.... besides cool there was still 20 degrees at least warmer than home!
We walked out on the Pier, watching sea gulls and surfers.

Even though Camden was sitting up quite well we put him in the bumbo so that he couldn't just eat sand the entire time!

We brought a football all the way from home just for playing on the beach and of course we left it in our room. The first thing that Keaton sees is a football that someone has..... needless to say, Daddy and Keaton went and bought another football.

Tiana discovered that if she dug in the sand that water appears.... this kept her occupied for quite some time!

Watch out. If Tiana got the football she would take off giggling as the boys chased her. (excuse my photo cropping, Camden was asleep in the Moby wrap and I couldn't move that well!)

Our attempt at a group photo... timer does NOT work for Tiana or Camden! Sissy was wondering WHY Keaton kept saying cheese!?!?!
That evening we went to The Cracked Crab..... LOVED IT! We read that they dumped all your food on the table and the kids were SOLD! We walked right in a got a seat, as we left they said that the wait was HOURS! People were lined up everywhere. Good thing we decided on an early dinner.

Saying goodbye. Of course the day we left was 65 and sunny. We had a hard time leaving that weather behind. But next up was the wedding!!!