Sunday, January 31, 2010

Camden: 6 Months

Here is our little guys 6 month photos. I cam hardly believe that he is half way to a year!!! He is always so happy and is still such an easy baby. This past month he has been busy getting active. Camden gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, he will move his hands forward but has yet to figure out those feet! He scoots and rolls all over the place now. All of my children are mobile.... although he is still quite slow, that doesn't stop him from getting into his fair share of things! We hear "mama" and "ba ba" with an occasional "dada" thrown in ALL the time. He has learned how to blow raspberries, squeal (from Tiana I am sure), and clap (as of 2 nights ago). He is eating like a champ.... cereal with fruit every morning, and entire #2 meal (or half #3) and a half of a container of fruit for lunch and for dinner both. Plus of course nursing still. He is starting to want to eat everything we have and will have little bites of whatever he can chew. He likes bananas, bread, and peas from our plates... oh yeah and Wendy's frostys, chocolate of course! He also loves drinking out of cups! His favorite people right now are his older brother and sister.... Mommy and Daddy are right in there too but he sure does love his siblings. He plays right along beside them all day long. They are VERY patient with him and I can't believe that he is moving around because he really has no need to. As soon as he looks at a toy they go and get it for him, as much as we try to stop this, it happens and it doesn't seem to hinder his moving around at all! Besides it is sweet and quite harmless. His hair is really getting long now and he had to have a little trim already..... those wild man baby hairs that never fell out were WAY too long! Just this last week it seems like his eyes have turned more to the brown side so we will see what they do. Not to steal his thunder here but I have to add a few updates on the other two kids too.
Tiana's word phrase of the day "oh my". It seems so grown up coming out of her little mouth! On the pacifier front.... nights went GREAT! Naps on the other hand were a little hairy for a while. For over a week she never slept even an hour (normal was closer to three hours). Now though she has stretched it back out. Sometimes she will wake up after about an hour but if we tell her to go back to sleep she will. She asked for her "pug" (plug aka pacifier) once this last week and I reminded her it was broken and she giggled remembering and said "no no bunny eat it". She is totally fine with it gone and we have had LOTS less battles so it was time! She LOVED our snow today and yesterday and just pressed her nose against the window watching the "pity snow" (pretty) come down.
Keaton's phrases, "I don't know" "Not really" and "I don't think so". Keaton is all about BIG words: after buckling himself up in the car seat he asked if I was "impressed", after meeting he said that he was "amazing", some things are just "ridiclus" (ridiculous), he isn't tired he is "eshausted" (exhausted), he doesn't ask if he can do something now he asks if he can do it "someday" (he has heard that answer quite often I think)! These are the ones he uses all the time. He is also trying to get the concept of time down. He always says that he is going to do something in so many hours, often when he means minutes. He has also, on more than one occasion said "I am going to do that yesterday"!
Now on to 6 month photos!!!
Sorry out of order, these two didn't load the first time.

His funny raised eyebrow face!