Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few photos from once we got home. It seems as though we left with a baby and came back with a little boy!
Trying to eat an apple... which with no teeth it's not easy!
As you can tell, he wants to eat anything and everything that we are.
He will suck on an apple until there is no juice left!

But give him a TINY bite and this is what you get.... plus some gagging! (This has since changed. In the past week he loves to chew up little bites of everything!)
Bedtime story with Daddy.
Our attempt at getting a photo of the kids after Special Meeting..... problem being, it was AFTER they sat for 4 hours plus the car ride!

These two discovered that they can get/give horsey rides from each other!
Happy boy.

Matching brothers! Keaton just LOVES to match Camden. I am all about coordinating but not matching, however, Keaton could care LESS about coordinating.... it has to be the SAME! I had to get a photo of them together before this shirt goes in the too small bin for Camden as we are moving up to size 6-12!!!
Goofy faces! He can raise either eye brow by itself (just like his mommy) and wrinkling the nose is the new thing to do.

Tiana is all about her baby right now! Always has to have one close to rock, feed, and so on. She loves using her little blanket for the baby.
Big kisses! She doesn't just hand those out so this little baby is quite lucky.

Last but not least, tonight I leave you with a taste of our bedtimes as well as Keaton and Tiana's relationship right now! Keaton is always such a big help.... helping Tiana do a somersault! She really can do it herself but for a while it was just more fun to have Keaton help!