Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fiesta Bowl

After the wedding we went over to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl. We rented a house for the whole family. Keaton tried out the pool table! Camden got out some energy. Oh yes I forgot to mention that there was a heated pool.... and it was NICE outside!!
We just heated up the hot tub the first day since we had to leave in the afternoon for the game. Daddy was trying to convince Keaton that the pool water wasn't too cold.
Keaton was not to impressed! He pushed Daddy in.
The game!!!
Last time we were here Keaton was younger than Camden. Who would have thought that now we would have THREE kids!
Auntie Krystal, Uncle Todd and little Kason.
Not sure WHAT Keaton is doing, but hey everyone is looking at the camera at least!
Our seats!!! Can't get much more perfect than this! The day we left on our vacation we received the package of our tickets..... instead of all of the tickets it contained a letter saying that we didn't have tickets! We had bought the tickets off stubhub and apparently the guy who was selling the tickets sold them twice and we didn't have tickets. Of course he decided to wait 3 weeks to tell us this. Daddy called up stubhub and they guarantee their tickets and they said they would find us same or better tickets. We were on the 50 yard line 18 rows up. The HUGE price difference the guy that jipped us had to pay!!!

Her latest favorite look!

Camden LOVED the pom-pom.

We then stayed an extra day and soaked up the sun in our pool some more.

Pushing Daddy in again.

Isn't it great to be a boy!!
Camden even had his first little dip. We didn't get him all the way in this time.
The next day we traveled for 12 hours and made it back as far as Provo, UT. LONG day in the car but the kids did WONDERFUL! When we finally got there it was bedtime but they were full of energy. Nana and I took them all down to the pool for an hour or so. This was Camden's first time in a pool and he LOVES it!
Keaton over the course of the trip had figured out how to swim all my himself with the water wings on.
Tiana played on the step. She kept getting out and when the water was dripping off her swimsuit she would giggle then say, "potty, Yay" get back in and repeat! She thought that the water must be potty and she was SO proud of herself!
Splashing Mommy. The entire time in the water his feet are kicking and he is splashing away with a huge grin on his face.