Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mark and Kyla's Wedding

We headed back up to Auburn for Mark and Kyla's wedding. They got married at a bed and breakfast nearby. We were all able to stay there for the night before and the night after the wedding. The day before we took some photos of the two of them. Here are just a few photos.... lots more on my photo website.

Practicing at the rehearsal for her flower girl part.
Camden cuddling with Grammy.
The bed and breakfast was just beautiful.
The kids were SO excited to see out bathtub! Since it had jets it made LOTS of bubbles!
The wedding party.

Are they all adorable!!!

Tiana's dress for the wedding.

A cutie in his big boy tie.

Our handsome big boy!
The cake and cake truffles.
Right before the wedding Keaton decided he WASN'T going to walk down the aisle! Daddy was telling him otherwise!

We had a little water pot for Tiana to carry but she took one look at the bridesmaids and their bouquets and she had to have one too! She loved it. I thought for sure that we were going to have a hard time with Tiana going down the aisle. Not the case, Tiana pulled Keaton down the aisle after her!

Nothing like a little bribery! We gave gummy bears to the bridesmaids and uncles and they had to go get them! They were heading down the aisle just fine when they saw Daddy sitting down and climbed right into the chair next to him. I ran down the aisle after them to remind them to finish their walk.

It wasn't long and then Tiana and Keaton came and sat down. Tiana with me and Keaton on Kyla's little brothers lap. During the vows Keaton popped up and started digging in Derek's pocket for some more candy!

He didn't find any but he did find the fake ring that they were going to give Mark.

All married!
Camden loved Tiana's flowers.
She did too!

Daddy giving her a ring!
Watching a bowl game during the reception!

We then headed on to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl.