Sunday, January 10, 2010

Camden: 5 Months

Well we are home and trying to get settled back in! I am in the middle of sorting through so many photos it makes my head spin! These however, I took before we left of Camden for his 5 Month photos. As you can tell, he is now sitting up wonderfully! He has even discovered that he can flap his hands and kick his feet and still stay upright. The dismount is getting better also. He doesn't throw himself back but he goes to the side when he wants to get down. He now is most content playing on the floor, rolling around and scooting. This week for the first time all three kids were playing together, it was adorable! He, of course, was quite content to just sit there and chew on a block while watching them. He is now saying "ma-ma" and we hear it all day long. No teeth yet but with the way he has been drooling and chewing on anything that gets close.... I am guessing it will be soon. He loves his food and I have yet to find anything he doesn't like. He eats cereal and veggies for lunch and cereal and fruit for dinner. He doesn't want to miss anything going on around him so we have to MAKE him go to sleep now. We actually have discovered that the best way for naps is to just lay him down with the door closed and he gets bored and goes to sleep! He is still a happy little guy as long as this mommy doesn't eat sausage.... YIKES! He loves his siblings and they can do just about anything to him and he just eats it up. Tiana was sticking stickers all over him a couple weeks ago and he just thought it was hilarious. Camden got his finger pinched in the highchair today and both kids came running to the rescue. They covered him with kisses and lots of hugs and he was quickly distracted and happy again. Camden definitely knows each one of us... he will put up with TONS as long as it is Keaton and Tiana.... he is more leery of other children. He also has started to have to know where Mommy or Daddy is a lot. He loves giving us (well Mommy and the other kids mostly.... Daddy is prickly) big slobbery kisses. I just love those little hands that reach up to grab my face! In not too long he is going to be 6 months!!! Not sure how that happened but we are enjoying every minute.