Monday, January 18, 2010

Trip: Part 1

A couple days before Christmas we took off for our vacation. We saw a lot of this in our 2.5 weeks.

The kids did WONDERFULLY! No car sickness... thank goodness... and LOTS of time in the car. We headed down (over the course of 3 days) to San Luis area.
We stayed with my cousin and his family and spent Christmas on the beach. 60 degrees sunny and perfect! The last time Tiana was at the beach was when she was at 3 Months old. She loved it!
Of course Keaton loved it but this we already knew!

Mommy and Camden.
Daddy went out in a Kayak for awhile.
While we played in the sand and surf.
Daddy going through a wave.
Camden taking a snooze.
They ran and played and rolled around in the sand.

Keaton couldn't contain his excitement while walking to the water with Daddy.

Notice that most every photo of Keaton has he feet in the air!

Running to the rescue Tiana..... she fell! She didn't seem to mind too much.

Camden even enjoyed the beach.
He even tried out the sand!
hmmm.... Mom.... not to great!
Happy boy! This eyes are very green with a little brown right now but it is hard to tell in most photos. I finally got a few that show what color they are.

By this point he discovered he could flap his arms and kick his feet and still stay sitting up!
He also discovered that he could put his own pacifier in!
The cute kids that kept our kids entertained for those 4 days.

The whole crew Sunday after meeting.
I told Tiana to look at me... she knew that I was going to take a photo and made a face at me. That's my girl right now, goofy!
There is my beautiful girl.

Next we headed to Pismo Beach.... coming soon.