Monday, January 18, 2010


Just a few things Keaton has been saying:
thunderworks (fireworks)
pong pong (ping pong)
both kids call the Fiesta Bowl the "festy bowl"
Keaton loved knowing all of the states that we traveled through. And as we went to New Meadows this last weekend he asked if this was our home... for right now!
Somewhere along the trip we lost Tiana's stuffed bunny... her favorite one!!! We were able to find a very cute replacement and it worked. Because it was still a bunny it was all good.
Tiana has been talking up a storm. She routinely will tell Camden NO about something.... pulling rank I suppose! And tonight she went without her pacifier. We cut of the end.... I mean "her beloved stuffed bunny ate it". She really cried until Daddy went in and got her a new one...... and what do you know "bunny" ate that one too! She giggled, set the pacifiers on the nightstand and went to sleep.... we will see how the rest of the night goes as well as nap time tomorrow.


Twila said...

Hi was waiting and waiting for the wedding pics! Then today, I thought - I'll go check out her picture blog, maybe she up them up there!... sure enough!! They look GREAT!