Monday, May 18, 2009

Quite Confused

With all of my being outside this weekend my allergies have been really bad which made for a horrible night sleep last night. This would explain why at 8:00 this morning when I heard a little squeal (happy mind you), my head was still full of cobwebs. I just knew that what had happened is Keaton woke up and decided that Tiana needed to join him in welcoming the day. I shot out of bed with high hopes of getting them both back to bed so I could get just a little bit more sleep.
I ran into Tiana's room to find no child..... yep she wasn't in her crib. Enter confusion. I turned around trying to figure out WHAT was going on when she toddled out of Keaton's room with a big grin on her face quite proud of herself, for she had just woke up her brother.
My first thought was, we haven't moved her into her bed yet have we? Then, the only explanation must be that Daddy is still home. I just stood there in the living room staring at her with I am sure a look of udder confusion for quite some time. Neither explanation really made sense but yet neither did the alternative. Our little girl..... the same little girl that if something surprises her and makes her fall over results in lots of tears..... the same little girl that has never climbed anything in her life for fear of falling..... has discovered how to successfully crawl out of her crib. It may be because she has such long legs that this is even possible but I didn't hear a bang or even a whimper... both of which would have woke me up because I am a light sleeper.
I never expected that our reserved little girl would be the one to climb out of her crib. I would love to have a video of it but am scared that one of these times it will result in a bump or two. We may be moving her to a bed in the near future if this keeps happening.... until then I will be found at her door, peeking in the crack making sure that she doesn't try to do it again.... and if she does, I want to see HOW on EARTH she manages it with a smile on her face!!!