Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Mark and Kyla were here most of the week this week so they got to spend some time with the kids. It was great, I got a break, they got kid time and the kids just had a blast!
Uncle Mark showing the kids how it is supposed to be done.
Tiana trying it out..... she liked it as long as someone was holding her hand.
And of course we had to have a sprinkler!
I think we need a bigger pool.
Trying out the sprinkler.
This afternoon we took them outside again and turned on the water! This is going to be an everyday event this summer I have a feeling. The kids both just love it.
Admiring our flowers.... those are the little flowers that she likes to pick! Just love the profile shot!!!
This is how she enjoys the sprinkler. At the edge, with her back to it!

The little pool just didn't cut it with both kids so we got out our big one and just didn't blow up all of the rings so they could still get in and out. This worked PERFECT. Keaton was supposed to be filling up the pool but decided that Sissy needed watered too! Thank goodness she is tolerant of her big brother.

Splash splash splashing!
Discovering that he could kick water and get Daddy wet!!
We looked over to see Tiana just relaxing by the fence. Keaton decided that looked like the thing to do also.

SUPPOSED to be getting my FEET wet..... got a little carried away I would say!
Water fight!
Warming up.
Sharing Popsicles before nap time.

Looking forward to many more days like this during the summer. I got a dress sewn for Tiana and enjoyed the afternoon outside with my family... PERFECT.


KatieB said...

That sounds like a perfect day!
So glad you got to enjoy it.
I sewed a bit tonight...feels so good once I get going!
Can't wait to see the dress!