Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a Party!

We had Tiana's birthday party on Saturday with just our immediate families. These are the photos from that day.
Tiana LOVES balloons, even when one popped she didn't even bat an eye.

I just love this. Uncle Derek always used to sit like this when he was little and Tiana does it to. More often than not this is the way we see her sitting and playing.
Checking out her birthday gift! A play kitchen.... and yes she was VERY excited about the phone that came with it.

Her cake!
I just love the way that it turned out. It takes me quite a while to do their cakes but it is so fun to have a cake this cute.

Her personal little cake. We put a candle in it but just didn't light it and she was ok with it that way.
VERY excited to see her cakes!
She loved her party. She was so happy and excited the entire time. We expected her to get really overwhelmed with everyone here but she just loved it.
All set up for the party.
Her favorite part of all of the gifts was the cards! She kissed and "read" each one out loud. She let Keaton and Mommy open her presents while she looked at each card. She was excited about the gifts once they were out of the packaging but until then.... give her the card!
She got a few babies which she has just loved. She immediately gave them big hugs and kisses.
This surprised me a bit.... she immediately started feeding the baby. This would have never even occurred to Keaton at her age. Shows the difference between girls and boys I suppose.
Keaton got a little Thomas set to go with his others. This kept him quite occupied for the party!
Making us dinner.
Loving on cousin Kason.
Cake time!!!

Yum! She started rubbing it in her hair about half-way through.
The difference between our kids. Tiana..... a mess.... Keaton won't even pick it up with his hands because he doesn't want to get messy.
This is so typical of our little girl. She was done with cake and had a bath, only to come out and discover that everyone else was eating cake and ICE CREAM. Well, she didn't get any ice cream so therefore she found someone who couldn't resist those big blue eyes of hers and her VERY emphatic please signing! Grandpa-Great has a new best buddy.


Cassandra said...

It looks lovely! And your cakes turned out just beautiful!

Country Family said...

fun fun!! so adorable! glad she liked the doll!! she sits just like Landon too! amazing little girl!!