Monday, May 25, 2009


Let's backtrack a bit! We had a busy weekend with family since my youngest brother Ryan graduated. Friday we went over for his graduation open house. Keaton wore out Abby the dog.... or was it the other way around?
And Tiana picked every flower that she could reach.
Saturday was graduation so we headed over in the morning to spend a little bit of time with Grammy and Poppy. Keaton supervised the building of the road.
Tiana got a little catnap on the way into graduation.
After graduation with Uncle Ryan. By this point we had very hot and tired kids!
Thanks to graduation Keaton now says that basketball is boring! He had us quite confused until we realized that since graduation was in the gym and was really boring he thought that he must have been at a basketball game but it was very boring!!! Daddy will do everything to reverse that line of thinking.
Last night we headed BACK out that direction for my Aunt Audrey's Birthday. All of her kids (my cousins) and their kids were in town so we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Great's to visit. Keaton had a blast playing with my cousin's girls.
The got rid of all of the extra balloons when they discovered that they worked quite well to play with! Keaton was all boy, popping any balloon that happened to be in his vicinity.
While that was going on, to keep Sissy at a safe distance, we took her on a walk around Grandma Great's flowers which of course made her quite happy!

This is a face we see ALL the time now when anything is interesting to her... usually flowers.... as she says "ooooooohh".
Just a bit of her goofiness showing through.

Grandma Great supervising the great grandkids in the tree. Keaton sure looks related to these girls with the same color of hair and skin!

And of course swinging FROM the tree isn't enough, he has to be in it too!
Giving hugs. These two just had a blast together and we can't wait until they visit again! Again notice the hair color... this is the reason we don't get any questions from anyone that knows this side of the family where he got his hair!!!
Trying to get the horses to come say hello... they took one look at all the kids and stayed their distance!

Even though it was way past their bedtime we still had to drag both kids away last night because they were having SO much fun! It is so nice to spend some time with other kids.


Country Family said...

looks like you all had a lot of fun! love her dress!!