Saturday, May 16, 2009

Camping Trip

We decided to take the kids camping for the first time this summer! We have a lack of free weekends for a while here so we thought we better go now before I get too close to my due date.
We went up to Brownlee where the fishing is sometimes good and the weather is usually good this early. The weather cooperated but not the fish... oh well... fishing when the child to adult ration is equal and the age of the children are 2 and under.... lets just say is a bit difficult.
Keaton had to take off down to the water as soon as we got to camp so that he could fish a little. We discovered that he didn't even care if there was a hook on the end of the line, he reeled it in so fast and the fish weren't biting. Luckily he was very content to fish away with the little weight on the end!
Sissy was VERY excited to see a chair just her size.
Hanging out by the fire before bed.
Just a little bit of excitement for the marshmallows cooking on the fire!
YUM! We were so proud of him, he only freaked out once because his hands were sticky.
Bedtime stories by flashlight and firelight.
It was a little chilly the first night but the kids did just fine. Keaton burrowed in and sometime in the middle of the night apparently decided he didn't need one sock or his hat.
Excited about the flowers, that's our girl for you.
Fishing with mom.
Throwing rocks in the water with Daddy.
Trying out the fishing pole.
Looking cool in her new glasses. I bought this pair for her before the trip hoping she would leave them on..... yeah.... not a problem. She wore them all the way through the store with the tags on them and when she sees them, she HAS to wear them.
Taking a walk to a grassy area we had seen earlier.
Keaton ran the entire way and then when he got too far ahead he would sit down and wait for us to catch up.

Excited to play somewhere that doesn't hurt quite as bad when falling down often.
Once again, she found some flowers!
All the running tuckered this boy out.
"Smelling" the flowers.
Giving Daddy BIG kisses.
Our camp site.
After naps in the oven, aka our tent, the kids were so hot they went for a dip. All that got wet was the toes on Keaton which tells you how cold the water was.
Tiana on the other hand sat in the water as long as we let her just playing with the rocks and splashing. She must have been numb to sit for that long.

Trying to catch some more fish.
Lounging before bedtime. By this time he was just plain worn out.
This morning we got up and took a little walk again. We did the impossible this trip.... we wore out Keaton. He slept for about 11 hours last night and still woke up exhausted. On the hike we were having to tell him to keep up instead of slow down. The first time we have had to do that in his 2 and a half years!
Giving Daddy big loves!
Taking a break. At this point he told me his legs were REALLY tired.

Tiana wanted to walk for a little bit, which lasted until she noticed little wildflowers on the path.
And being the awesome Daddy that he is, he picked some for her. All her life so far she has played with boy toys, anything Keaton likes. But yet she is ALL girl. She loves flowers and if she sees them she just has to have a whole little fist full. This entire time Keaton is sitting on the path waiting while examining rocks.... meanwhile sitting in a clump of flowers that he never even notices!
Keaton took one more trip down to the water to throw a few more rocks in. We have to do our part in filling up the lake!

We had a great time and we are home with two very tired kids that played hard and got extremely dirty.


Becky Gonce said...

Oh what fun!!

Cassandra said...

Well, we definitely missed you, but it looks like you had a really fantastic family weekend!