Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Whole Year

Our sweet little girl is now one..... looking back it is so hard to believe that it has been a year. However on the other hand it is hard to remember a time without her in our little family.

Tiana, you add a little sparkle to our family. We love how your little smile makes your eyes just light up. You are so loving and have the sweetest little personality. You are very sensitive and hate to disappoint us in any way. You look up to your brother and try to do everything he does and be just like him. There is nothing that warms our heart more than to hear "uv ewww" (love you) in your sweet little voice as you are tugging on our legs for a hug. While very timid you also love being the center of attention in our little family. You are growing up so very fast but you will always be our little girl. We are enjoying every moment as you are learning and growing so fast. We aren't worried one little bit about you being in between two brothers... we know that you will have both of them wrapped around your little finger and will have lots of brotherly protection as you grow up. We all love you so very much Sweety, you have stolen each of our hearts.