Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On the go.

During our rainy day I set up Keaton's Thomas sets. It took me a good hour with my little boy laughing at me trying to get it all together. The last few days he has gotten lots of laughs out of me being confused. If he says something I don't understand and I look a little bewildered he just starts giggling away! The Thomas set really got him going.... so I am a little slow with the whole engineering the entire set but I did get it working. Just when I thought it was done he informed me that I forgot the bridge..... great.... another 15 minutes later we had the track re-done to incorporate the bridge. Needless to say I am not taking this apart again until I HAVE to!
Our little girl has been on the go. She spends all day walking around the house from one room to the next carrying whatever she sees at the moment. She thinks it is SO fun to be able to carry toys somewhere with her. It is still rather surprising to see her WALK around a corner!
After our walk yesterday I let the kids get out some energy in our common area that has great hills for running up and down on.

We can't wait to enjoy this warm weekend with Daddy!