Sunday, May 31, 2009

32 weeks

A little over 7 months pregnant and here we are! I really haven't have many symptoms at all yet so that's a good thing. We just can't believe I only have 8 weeks left. He is still very active and Keaton gets to feel him quite often. This last week he felt him kick and then informed me that "______(the baby) wants out". Not quite yet but soon enough.
This week was a rather uneventful one. We thought that Tiana was teething again because of her runny nose and crankiness but she passed that on to me..... so evidently..... she has a cold!! Just hope it will finish going through the family before convention in a couple weeks!
Daddy hung up our new family photo and Tiana had to drag over her little chair and climb up just like Daddy. All weekend we heard her say over and over again "hi Daddy"! She was happy to have him home for a few days.
At the dinner table tonight we were talking about how blue the kids' eyes are and how Daddy's are green and Mommy's are brown. We asked Keaton what color he thought his baby brother's eyes would be. He responded quite emphatically, with no hesitation, that they would be orange! No questions about it...... we will see about that one!