Thursday, June 30, 2011

Riding with the big kids

After we got home we headed out for a bike ride one evening... Keaton's training wheels were shot and hurt more than helped him be able to ride.  If one of the training wheels touched it acted as a brake... needless to say Keaton was VERY frustrated.  I don't know what got into me but I told Daddy to take of the training wheels and have him try it.  We were all very nervous and Keaton did NOT want to try it.  He wanted ALL his padding on and we promised him that all he had to do was try.  We promised him that if he would just try and still couldn't do it we would go buy him new training wheels!!  One time around the block with many times of giving up and tears of frustration we told him we would just buy new training wheels.  We told him all he had to do was make it home, just around the corner.  The problem was he was so used to leaning to one side to compensate for a bad training wheel that he still did it which meant that Daddy couldn't let go hardly at all without him tipping over!  Just as we were turning the corner home a little boy a year older than Keaton flew by with his Dad riding his bike without training wheels.  We of course pointed it out and talked about how fun it looked and how fast he could go!  The boy and his Dad turned around to talk to Keaton... being that we have never taught a little one how to ride without training wheels he gave us a few pointers too.  He said to look up and go fast!  He asked Keaton if he wanted to race his little boy and of course Keaton thought that sounded fun.  Literally, off he went!  He took off and because he was trying to go fast and looking ahead at the other little boy he did great!!!!  Of course Daddy had to run along beside because Keaton still doesn't really know how to stop!  With training wheels you use the brakes but don't have to hold up the bike... without of course he has to get used to putting his feet down!  Daddy wrote about it on his blog here and he describes better the way that we, as parents, felt with this accomplishment!  I had tears in my eyes thinking that I had a boy big enough to ride a bike without training wheels.  To see his grin was priceless.  At the very end I told him to ride to Daddy and he turned with a huge grin and said "Piece of cake!"  After we got inside he had to call all the grandparents and even a few aunts and uncles!!!  He got on the phone with Nana and told her "Just like Chocolate cake!"  It took me a bit to realize that he was trying to use the same phrase but just changed it a bit!  We got a good laugh out if it!
A VERY nervous little boy and Daddy!  At this point I was wondering WHAT I was thinking suggesting he try it!

Daddy helping but you can see the lean he had going on!!
The race with the little boy!!!!!

Proud as punch... and giving Daddy a good workout!