Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maui: Day 3 and 4

These first few are some from Day 2 that got put in the wrong order.
Jumping the waves!


Friday morning we went to Black Rock Beach for some snorkeling.  It had rained the evening before so the water wasn't the best for snorkeling.
Auntie Kyla and Uncle Mark with the kids!


Keaton learned how to do a cartwheel!

Diving in!

LOVE THIS ONE! I told her "Give Mommy a pose!"

Another one of her "poses"!

It wasn't very hot this day so Keaton was FREEZING after snorkeling!

Thank goodness for sand toys in the condo!

After naps we did the usual and headed to the pool!

The pool really close to our condo!

Looking for lizards!

One of the highlights of the trip for the kids was seeing bananas growing on the trees!!!  They were so excited and would talk about it every time we went to the pool since we passed them on the way each time!

Saturday morning we headed into the Swap Meet aka Saturday Market.

My favorite part of the market was the few flower vendors!

 Afterward we headed to a beach of course!  I can't remember how to spell this one but there were supposed to be turtles.  However, the water was so rough that none of us even went out to see if we could see any!

Great for boogie boarding though!

 Dancing on the beach of course!

Of course anything that Keaton does Camden has to try!

Daddy and Camden making a sand turtle!

Nice hair Dude!  Mark taught him how to say "Hey Dude!"

Digging a hole, building a sand castle......

Woah, big waves!

 After we left we drove out to the end of the road where the lava is.
A beautiful tiny beach called Secret Cove.
 We went out to eat and after we were through we got to watch the sunset!

We didn't get to see very many sunsets since the kids were usually asleep already!