Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maui: Day 5 and 6

Sunday we went to meeting but since the kids were up so early we got a few photos done before!  We had a surprise for the kids at meeting though... Jeff and Anna... some friends of ours that used to live here, had just moved to Maui.  We didn't tell the kids that their best friends Jace and Lily were going to be in meeting!  They were both surprised and confused... after meeting Keaton told us that he didn't like surprises and was mad because we didn't tell him ahead of time.  He was still excited to see Jace but NOT happy that we didn't tell him he was going to be there!

Photo thanks to Keaton who actually does REALLY good composing the photo and making sure we are in the frame.  He even adjusted the camera to put us off to the side... I see a future photographer, just like his mommy!

After meeting Camden snuggled in with Uncle Mark.

On the way home Keaton got to ride with Auntie Kyla and Uncle Mark and he got his first ice cream cone!
 After lunch we headed to Lahaina for the day.  All the kids slept in the car and Camden stayed asleep for a while in the stroller!

The condo had two umbrella strollers and we brought one... thank goodness since all the kids wanted to ride usually!

Ono Gelato.

Uncle Mark being goofy with Keaton!

I could seriously get used to all the cool buildings for photos!


Cool Dude.
 The Banyan tree in Lahaina.  The kids loved playing and climbing in it!

Being a monkey "oooo oo oo".

My three monkeys!

Keaton discovered climbing trees here in Lahaina!  We were busy taking a few photos of Mark and Kyla and Keaton climbed up this entire side all by himself.... in flip flips mind you!!!  Since then we can't keep him out of trees!

 After walking around town we took the kids to Baby Beach.  PERFECT for kids.  There is a reef off shore (where the waves are breaking) and then hardly any waves up close!

Not to mention the perfect photo place with the sunset!

Mark and Kyla

Jumping waves again.

Love those little toes... his not mine!

Keaton swimming!

This is where the reef was.

Love these little profiles of the three kids!

Dancing in the sunset with Mommy.

This one is going to be in our study... LOVE IT!

Mark and Kyla


Looking at photos with Uncle Mark before bed.
 The next morning we headed out again to the end of the road to see if we could see any dolphins.  We didn't see any but it was worth the drive for the view!

We stopped in at Secret Cove but the waves were HUGE!  Come to find out they were huge everywhere that day.

 These next few were Tiana dancing on the beach.  She dances through life but I just love these next few.

Jumping in off the waterfall.

That evening Mark and Kyla watched the kids while we got an evening out.  It was wonderful!  The kids had been really cranky this day since they were so tired and I had a really bad headache so an evening away was just what we needed.

Our sunset view from our table!


Ned and Renee Pontious said...

Nice job on the photos. I too love the one you're putting in your study. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.