Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maui: Day 1 and Day 2

We flew out of Portland early the morning of the 1st on our way to Maui!  Since Camden is under 2 still we didn't have to buy him a ticket, however, as we were checking in they asked us if we wanted an extra seat!  Of course we did so they moved us and boy were we glad, it sure made the trip a LOT easier.  The kids did amazing!  They napped for a couple hours of the 5 hour trip and then played games the rest of the time.  Keaton and Tiana LOVED the flight, Camden loved everything but the taking off and landing.  He thought that was bit scary and would wrap his little arms and legs around us and bury his head not moving!  The first little bump we would go over he would say "WEEEEE" and if there was another one it turned to "Scaaaary!"  He never did cry though which was good!

A nervous little boy!
 We arrived about 11:00 in the morning Hawaii time to discover that it was a full 4 hours different then home!!  We were planning on 3 but didn't realize that since they don't change time, this time of year it is 4 hours!  The kids did good with it though, they woke up about 5 every morning, Keaton and Tiana started sleeping until about 6:30 or 7 by the last few mornings but Camden stayed bright and early!  We were always on the beach by about 8:30 which was nice since that is the calmest part of the day and there were no people usually out yet!  We got our Van, went to Costco and then went to check into our condo in Kihei.... only to walk in on the cleaning lady... we couldn't get in for another half hour!  So we headed down to the beach for a few minutes!

We rolled up pants and had to test out the water temp!

Tiana was pretty scared of the waves getting her at first!

Keaton of course took no time at all to fall in!

Camden just taking it all in!

Daddy trying to show him how to touch the water... NOPE, he would let out a girly scream and run as fast as he could!

Here you can just imagine the scream!

He fell and couldn't get out of the way in time of this one!

He decided it was ok and went back in for more!

Of course, it was only a matter of time before she got all wet too!

Getting rinsed off!

We had a little laugh walking back up to the car seeing Camden's little rear view!  This all happened in about 20 minutes time! I really hadn't PLANNED on them all getting soaked but I guess I forgot momentarily that I was taking a 4, 3, and almost 2 year old to the beach for the first time after sitting on the plane all day!

Our AWESOME condo!  We LOVED it!  It was two bedroom so Mark and Kyla had the upstairs room and we took the bedroom with the kids in the living room.   We just put the kids to sleep in our room and moved them out to the living room when we were done playing games each evening!  The condo had a highchair, booster seat, stroller, ice chest, sand toys, pack and play... EVERYTHING you could think of needing!

The view from our lanai.

Looking toward the kitchen, our room and upstairs bedroom.

We of course had to immediately check out the pool!
The first time that we took Camden swimming he learned how to hold his breath!  It was so cute how he counted and then would jump in and duck his head to make sure he went under!

Good EARLY morning!!

We headed out the next morning for the first beach, White Rock.

Playing in the waves with Auntie Kyla!

Building a sand castle!

Tiana taking a mud bath and Camden deciding to try it out too!

 After the beach we got cleaned up and went to get coffee and snow cones!

We asked what flavor Tiana wanted and she said, "Pink"!

We ended the day eating dinner at Da Kitchen which has amazing authentic Hawaiian food and then heading to the condo to put some VERY tired kids to bed!


AmyB said...

These are great photos! We'll have to get the name of that condo - it looks perfect!! Looking forward to the next installment... :-)