Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maui: The last days.

Our last full day we went up past Lahiana to enjoy this beautiful beach.  It was really really windy but the way the beach drops down it is a little sheltered.  There really were not many waves at all because about 6 feet in, the shore really drops down.  We of course had to watch the kids but it made for great swimming and fun snorkling right off shore.  The water was finally really clear this day too so we got to enjoy beautiful it one last day!

Warming up after snorkling.

Tiana trying her hand out on snorkling.  We discovered that the best way to do it was for her not to have the snorkel tube but to just have a mask and hold her breath.  She would lay on a boogie board and put her face in to see the fish!  And yes she saw LOTS of fish!

Showing his muscles in Uncle Mark's goggles and fins!

I got to snorkel with my big boy this last day!

Running up to tell us all about the fish she saw!!!!

Playing in the water with Mommy.  She discovered that she loved swimming in the ocean here!

You can tell how quick it dropped off here... I was standing up barely touching!

Our beautiful girl.

Our monkey!

Making monkey noise!

Our big monkey!

Our diva!

 We went back to the condo for naps and then we enjoyed one last evening on the beach.

I love these jumping ones!

Surfing... or pretending to with Daddy!

 The next morning we got all packed up and went to the pool with Jeff and Anna and family one last time!  On the way to the pool Tiana saw this tiny lizard... it took a few tries but she finally caught it.  The first time she got it she dropped it right away because the wiggling freaked her out.  The second time though she was ready!
We had an amazing time!  A few people told us that we were crazy to even think about taking the kids on such a long trip.... we think that we will do it again if we can!  They did VERY well on the plane, the LOVED the beach and it was relaxing and fun for everyone.