Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maui: Day 7 and Day 8

Tuesday Morning Mark and Kyla drove around the island... we didn't figure that the kids would have very much fun sitting in the car all day so we took them to the beach instead!  We found a perfect beach for Keaton to play in the waves!  They came crashing in but they didn't pull out very much.
I sat on the beach and Camden would go down, meet a wave, get his toes wet then run back to tell me he "Get it, big one wave!  See it?"  And then repeat!

This one got him though!!

Nice sand in the hair!!

Love her beach hair!
Here are a couple videos of Keaton riding the waves in!  He did this for a few hours!

It was so nice that he figured out how to ride the waves in because he didn't fight them any more.  It made us feel much more comfortable with him in the water.

 After the beach we met Jeff and Anna and kids for lunch and the rest of the day!

Jace, Tiana, Lily, Keaton... these four are such good friends.  It is just adorable!

Pretty girls!

And goofy boys!

Troy and Camden... the little boys.  Camden was NOT happy about having to be stuck in the stroller... he thinks he is much to big for that!

Watching the surfers.

The whole crew (minus Troy who was napping).

We saw a lot of this in the car!



Nice hat!

The bananas were finally ripe!!!  Jeff was tall enough he could pick them.  The kids thought it was SO fun to be able to eat a banana right off of the tree!  They are still talking about it!
 On Wed morning we met for breakfast before heading to the beach.
Best friends!

These cool lizards were everywhere!

Sandy toes.

Give these two some buckets of water and sand and the are occupied for a while!

Football game on the beach!

 Before Wednesday night meeting we went out to get a few photos of the kids!


Country Family said...

Been Loving the pictures of your trip! I showed Lillie the pictures of Tiana in the dress we got. I told her it was cute on Tiana just like it is cute on her (she hates it!), and she finally said "your totally right Mama, I think it is cute now" :)
Looks like a lot of fun! makes me really want to go!! :)