Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introducing Winston Dirk

Shanna and Tom had their new little bundle the Thursday of convention.  Friday evening I headed to the hospital after evening meeting to meet my new little nephew, Winston!

The happy family!
 Sunday after the last meeting we all headed over the their house so that the rest of the family could meet him!
Keaton has always been a baby boy so he of course wanted to hold him right away!

He didn't want to give him up!

Between Keaton and Tiana the rest of us hardly get a chance to hold the little guy!

Camden has NEVER had ANY interest in babies... even with Stella he didn't even want to look at her.  All of the sudden with Winston he was so excited about the baby!  He even wanted to hold him... I thought this would only last a second or two but nope, he loved it!  He kept telling me "mines baby"!

He was amazed at all his little parts... toes... with monkeys on them!


He was so excited that Winston had ears... and Camden has ears!  He did have to make sure that Winston had two ears.. he turned Winston's head to make sure!

"two a um" (two of them!)

Winston kept sticking out his tongue so Camden kept copying him!
Adorable, we love him!  There are now 7 grandkids 4 and under!!!