Thursday, June 30, 2011

Parma Convention

*edit* I added the tie pattern link for those that wanted it!  Sorry, forgot last night!*

We barely got settled in from our trip before convention started!  We had a wonderful four days.  The kids did amazing... or at least I thought so... I guess if you want to know the truth you will have to ask those who sat behind us!  Put it this way, they did awesome for being 4, 3, and almost 2!  The all slept most of every afternoon meeting which was so wonderful!  Camden was the most difficult but I can't really say that I was surprised since almost 2 is a very hard age to sit still for so long!
He thinks that he is blowing up the balloon!

The climbing tree!

Watching the clouds.

Taking a walk with cousin Kason!

Being a monkey!

Keaton made it all the way up... by himself!!!!!
 Here are their Sunday outfits that I made!!  The dress is Oliver + S Bubble dress with added length and sash.  The fabric is all Ikea top is home decor fabric and bottom is linen.  I decided to do pleats in the sash and I love the way that it turned out.  The pleats are just on the front part of the sash and the back is plain.  I learned something new this time... I learned how to crochet loops for the sash!
 I made the boys ties out of the leftover fabric from the bodice... and then hunted high and low for gray shirts!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tie pattern and will be making lots more of these.  I wouldn't actually go as far as to say that the pattern itself was wonderful (not straight AT ALL... just used my straight edge and winged it) but the construction is amazing!  There is no hand sewing (LOVE) and they look SO cute on!  I love that they tie just like Daddy's ties!  Camden LOVED his... Keaton not so much (it had flowers on it) but said he would wear it for me!  Camden even had to take a nap in his because he threw a fit when I tried to take it off him!

Back of Tiana's dress.

Happy Father's Day photo!

With Great Grandpa and Grandma Z.

Being goofy!


amydee said...

Such handsome kids--they looked so sharp! Please share the tie pattern--thanks!