Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekly Update

Well these are a little late in the update but here they are anyways. Last Friday we went to the family movie night in the park again and this time we brought swimsuits for the kids. Cousin Kason met us there too.

Keaton had a great time but of course I didn't have the camera there while he was having fun. By the time I got it out he was freezing cold!
Kason and Auntie Krystal.
We got a little doll stroller for Tiana this last week and she won't go anywhere without it.... and all her babies. She loads up this stroller with more little babies than you can imagine. At one point she had 4 babies and 2 stuffed animals all riding rather hap-hazard.
Getting them all rearranged.
Last night we took the kids to the rodeo! They really enjoyed seeing all the animals... and of course eating the little donuts.

Lately Tiana has been wanting silverware. We have been somewhat ignoring this thinking that there is NO way that she is old enough to be able to actually use them. We knew if we poked things for her she could put them in her mouth really well but we didn't realize how well she could poking things herself! I love her little look of concentration. It is just amazing how coordinated and patient (at least with this) she is at such a young age.

She is also just talking up a storm. It is really hard to get her to repeat things on video but she will just copy about everything we say. She now sometimes says "Keaon" (Keaton) but usually it is "bu-bu" or "bu-bee" (brother). She also walks around saying that everything is "que" (cute) and "pity" (pretty). Very much a girly girl that we have here!