Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Settled

Daddy is back at work and we are settling into life around here. It actually has been a smooth transition and other than it taking me a couple hours to get out the door in the morning if we have to do anything it hasn't changed much. Well that and one little incident last night! Daddy got home and Camden started crying, which doesn't happen much... I got him up to discover that he had COMPLETELY blown out his diaper. It was EVERYWHERE from his back down to his feet and all over the blankets. Thank goodness Daddy was there to help change. Of course at this moment Tiana decided she had to eat and couldn't wait one more minute so she was crying too. We were both changing his diaper with her crying when Camden kicked me in the face so I had poop all over me. Right after that he started peeing..... right in Tiana's face!! That shut off the tears in a hurry as she looks up at us shocked and blinking! At that point we just lost it. We were laughing so hard and just decided it was bath time! Pj's before dinner. There will be many more moments like this I am sure and all you can do is sit back, laugh, and enjoy the ride!
Tiana checking up on her baby brother.

Keaton would hold Camden all day if we let him.
Last night Daddy had Camden time while tying flies... now that takes talent!
Camden thought the whole ordeal was rather boring but didn't complain much since he had his Daddy!
Here he is this morning in his big boy clothes!

We took a few family photos today that I will post as soon as I finish editing them.


Pamella said...

Loved your post today! Life is never boring and even less predictable with little ones.

KatieB said...

We were so happy to meet Camden this morning! It always amazes me how little the new ones are...once your own are 8 and 4, you tend to forget!

Thanks for sharing the story of your adventurous evening! So glad that you and Benji were able to times like those, that's all you can do!