Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Grandparent's Day

Camden got his first sponge bath on Saturday night.
Keaton was happy to get to stay up and watch.

Yesterday was Great Grandparent's Day in this household.
Grandma and Grandpa Great.
Great Grandpa and Grandma Z.
Grammy and Poppy.
Sissy helping Nana do the dishes after dinner. She has become quite the little Daddy and Nana's girl lately since I still can't lift her.
Cuddle time with Mommy.
Camden doesn't really cry all that much but he sure can make faces!
Just a little grin.
All the boys.
Camden had a huge period of awake time before bed last night so we were able to get quite a few photos of him.

He can wrinkle up his forehead just like Daddy!
It is amazing how well he holds himself up when he is alert. He doesn't bobble around much at all.

We started out this morning a little bit earlier and running..... out both sides of the diaper!
Needless to say we got some computer time in before the other kids are up.
Wrinkled up forehead and saggy baggy knees!